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Feeding, Language, and Speech Pop-up Groups

Social Group Pop-up

Are you looking for ways to help your child become more social? We know how hard COVID-19 was on our kids. Some of them are missing important social skills to help them strive in their communication, interaction, and play. We have created a Social Group Pop-up. This group was created for our kids around 3-6 years of age who have difficulty socializing with others. We want to help facilitate social communication, interaction, and play. Parents will have opportunity to ask questions about their child’s development with our licensed speech language pathologist. We will also have resources for parents to take home.  


PARTICIPATION: Caregiver attendance and participation are necessary.


FEES: $20/child CASH ONLY


LOCATION: 10125 S Roberts Road Suite 104 Palos Hills, IL 60465

DATE: Wednesday, April 12th, 2023, from 3-4 pm

*Pre-registration is not required.

Feeding Group Pop-up

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Play Group Pop-up

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